About us

De Paoli


Music producer, composer, sound designer, arranger, vocalist.

Leader of the Italian band Plan de fuga (Carosello Records, Virgin Radio).
Songwriter, Topliner, Arranger for Plan de fuga, Francesco Renga, 49ers, Lisa Simmons, Sophia Campana, 4Calamano, Irene Fornaciari, Ada Reina.
Composer and sound designer: TV, advertising, video games, motion graphics, art.
Producer and arranger at Carosello Records, Media Records, Evento Musica, Sony Music, Warner Chappell, Edizioni Curci.
Winner of the Special Star Award in the “Audiovisual Techniques” section of the 14th Mediastars Prize edition (national recognition in advertising, corporate identity and multimedia), in particular for the soundtrack of Richard Ginori’s campaign (Best Film Award at Cannes).



Movie designer, editor, director, visual artist with mediterranean creativity and northern reliability.

Free lance editor and director for advertising, corporate and products videos, campaigns, documentaries and journalism. Camera operator and editor at RAI.

Visual artist for music, events, installations, mapping. Some of the most significant venues festivals where I performed: Cannes Cinema Festival (FR), Le Zoo Using (SUI), Barcelona Llums Festival (CAT), Eufonic (ESP) B-Seite (GER) LA Roche Sur Yon International Cinema Festival, Aria Tripping (ISR), Flying Circus (MEX), HEX (ESP), Tupper (ESP), Moscow Circle Of Lights (RUS), L’Alternativa Cinema Festival (CAT).

Co-curator and technical producer at OVNI, documentaries archive, Barcelona.